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Book Manuscript

  • Limits to Equality: Geography, Fiscal Capacity and Distribution (with Pablo Beramendi)

Peer-reviewed Articles

Papers in the Review Process

Other Publications

  • Inequality and Democratic Representation in Latin America, Dolores Treviso and Joe Forewaker, ed. Democracy and its Discontents in Latin America. 2016. Lynne Reinner Publishers.
  • Illiberal and Liberal Democracy in Latin America. In William Smith, ed. Latin American Democratic Transformations. 2009. Cambridge: Blackwell Publishers.
  •  The Taxation Tango: State Capacity in Argentina’s Provinces. UMI Dissertation Publication.
  • From Peace to Governance: Police Reform and the International Community, Washington, D.C.: Washington Office on Latin America, 2002.

Selected Working Papers

  • Regional Inequality, Tax Capacity, and the Politics of Redistribution (with Pablo Beramendi)
  • Commodity Shocks, State Capacity, and the Politics of Redistribution (with Pablo Beramendi and Victoria Paniagua)
  • Electoral Geography, Inequality, and Representation (with Dong-wook Lee)
  • Measuring Regional Inequality for Political Research (with Dong-wook Lee)
  • From Losers to Winners: How Defeated Militant Organizations Achieve Post-Conflict Political Success (with Benjamin Acosta)
  • Bringing Home the Bacon but Selling the Homemade Bread (with Juan Pablo Micozzi)
  • NAFTA’s Opportunities (with Alma Bezares-Calderon)
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